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When is the festival?

The festival is on Saturday, June 8, 2019 (rain or shine). General admission is open from 12:30P.M. until 6:00P.M.

VIP admission is from 11:00A.M. until 6:00P.M.

Twilight admission is open from 3:00P.M. until 6:00P.M.

Designated Driver admission is 11:00A.M. until 6:00PM

Where is the festival?

The festival is at the Washington County Ag Ed Center, just south (6 miles) of Hagerstown, MD. It is very easy to get to. CLICK HERE FOR DIRECTIONS

There is FREE ample parking on the property!

Where do I get Tickets?

Tickets are available right here on our website, on facebook, and on eventbrite.

How Much are tickets?

CLICK HERE for a complete list of ticket prices and inclusions

Is It Handicap Accessible?

Yes. There is handicap parking at the entrance and multiple handicap restrooms

What is Included?

General admission, Twilight, and VIP ticket holders (21 & Up) receive free parking, entry into the festival, live music all day, a "wine drinker" wristband (which allows you to sample from all the wineries), and a special festival wine glass.

*VIP ticket holders will ALSO receive: Access to festival 90 minutes early, preferred parking, preferred seating, and a special gift.

Designated Driver/Non-Drinker ticket holders (16 & Up) receive free parking, entry into the festival, live music all day, and free non-alcoholic beverages.

Are Children Or Pets Allowed?

No. We do not like this rule as much as you, we promise! But due to the potential for very warm weather, we cannot allow animals other than special service dogs. Children under the age of 16 are not permitted. This is an adult oriented event and there will be no children's entertainment, and again space is limited. Those ages 16-20 who wish to attend can purchase a Designated Driver ticket, but everyone will be REQUIRED to show valid identification.

What can I bring inside?

​Please use common sense regarding the things you cannot bring (i.e. weapons, drugs, etc. - There will be a security and law enforcement presence!) In general, please DO NOT BRING OUTSIDE FOOD & DRINKS (aside from unopened bottled water, small snacks are okay) as regional food and wine is the showcase of the event. SMALL SOFT COOLERS WILL BE PERMITTED for ice, water, snacks. NO GLASS OR ALUMINUM. You are welcome to bring your blankets and lawn chairs to enjoy the sounds of local musicians.


*Small coolers are okay, but will be checked at the gate.


There will be SHADED SEATING for several hundred people in two separate areas. Please be considerate when using this seating.








Can I Purchase wine?

Yes, per the Maryland Wine Festival permit, you may purchase wine by the glass or bottle and consume on site. You may also purchase wine to take home with you, provided it is corked. Wine Check services will be available.


Will there be Restrooms & EMS?


More restrooms than ever before & an air conditioned EMS station if it gets a little warm.


Will there be an ATM?



I Lost/Can't Print My Ticket

One of the many benefits of purchasing your ticket online is that you can retrieve your ticket online and re-print it, pull it up on your smart phone and show the gate attendant, or have the gate attendant pull it up from their linked computers. Each online ticket can and will only be scanned/used ONCE. For help before the festival, please login to your Eventbrite account.

Is There A Shuttle?

   NO. Shuttles are good when there is not enough parking at the venue. But there is MORE than enough parking here.

*In general, festival shuttles do not take people to their homes. 99% of the time Festival Shuttle riders still end up driving/riding in private transportation.

We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE EVERYONE To Make Arrangements For Safe Transportation All The Way Home. If you do not have a DD, Uber is an ideal option and is now available in Hagerstown. There are also several taxi services including Grab-A-Ride.


What about Parking? 

There are over two thousand parking spaces at the festival site. Generally there is a fee for parking at this venue, but for this event PARKING IS FREE, thanks to Julie Fritsch of Mackintosh Realtors!


We do ask for your patience with and direction from the parking attendants. They know what they are doing.


What if it rains?

In the event of rain, please bring an umbrella and enjoy Maryland wines in mother nature's mist. All wineries, food, vendors, and musicians will still be there ready for you! As noted at the time you purchased your tickets, this is a rain or shine event and no refunds will occur.


Super Bonus Alert - The covered structures here alone can accommodate over 2,000 people!


When Can I Set Up My Pop Up Tent?


(Individual Tickets For Humans Must Also Be Purchased)

"Bring Your Own - $40" ticket holders may utilize any available space in the designated Pop-Up Tent area. A maximum of 10 people will be permitted under any single tent at a given time. Please bring your own lawn chairs, small tables, blankets. Stakes or weights are required to secure tents. You may bring your tent with you at whatever time you are permitted to enter. Tents may also be set up the day before (3p-7p) or morning of event (by 10:00am) and must be removed by 7:00pm on the day of the festival.


Washington County Ag Ed Center
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